Gameslave is a tool to help players and GMs of Dungeons and Dragons(tm) 3.5E manage the data associated with the game they are playing. It is very suitable as an aid during gameplay, or to easily create characters and calculate their stats between sessions. It mainly targets dungeon masters who want to produce stat blocks for monsters and NPCs, and to that end it is less strict and fussy and tries to allow you create characters as much 'all in one go' as possible.

Why you want gameslave:


The majority of features are working - gameslave is useful for me right now.

The next steps for me are:

Screen shots

Click here to view the screenshots on sourceforge.

Help Wanted

I'm about ready to start a GURPSv4 campaign and a Fusion campaign, so I've gotta roll those rules into here, too. If you want to help take some load off by working on any of these three systems, adding to the base database or coding in Java, contact me here. Logo